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Our Mission

Tonight, millions of homeless pets will sleep outdoors in the cold, rain, or snow.

If they're lucky, they'll get a concrete floor at an animal shelter with no warmth or comfort to get through the night. Our mission is to improve the living conditions of homeless animals, increase adoptions, and save lives. 

For every throw blanket you buy, we'll donate one to a homeless animal in need.

Our throw-sized blankets will keep your furry one warm all throughout the year. Made with premium microfleece, each blanket is extra soft and comfortable. We also have FREE USA SHIPPING for all orders.

Forever Home Blankets - Imperial Blue & Burgundy Red Microfleece Blankets

Hi, I'm Terry.

Growing up, charity and social issues rarely crossed my mind. I always thought the way to tackle them was to make lots of money, retire, and then figure it out. But turns out that's full of crap, because there's always something you can do.

So I started volunteering at an animal shelter going on dog walks and fostering kittens. When an animal is dumped at a shelter they're lonely, miserable, and sleep on concrete floors. Because of overpopulation, some shelters even have dogs sleeping outdoors in the cold.

Studies show that comfort items like blankets allow an animal to feel warm, safe, and relaxed. This allows potential adopters to see their true personalities which increases their chances for adoption. More adoptions means less euthanizations, which saves lives

Thanks for visiting the store and I hope you have a great day. Check out our blankets here, and remember we have free shipping for those in the United States.



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Forever Home Blankets by Terry Lin